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About Our HMIS

To be at par with the changing Technology, Nazareth Hospital has gone a step further to computerize all its operations. Due to this need, HMIS (Health Management Information System) Department was established in May 2009 so as to enhance the implemetation of ICT systems, computer networks and website. This would enhance service delivery and general management.

Goals of the HMIS

  1. The goal is to develop an accessible and comprehensive health information system which is flexible to the needs of patients, health care providers, health managers, evaluators and other allied health personnel.
  2. Deploy state of the art IT systems across the hospital integrating all departments.
  3. Executive interface for hospital’s top management.
  4. Reduce cost of operations and increase efficiencies.
  5. Build effective decision support systems.
  6. Increased control over inventory/ Assets, material flow and costs associated
  7. Effective management of pharmacy and drugs and Equipments.
  8. Effective Management of Cash & Credit Billings (Corporate and Insurance companies etc.)

Objectives of The Health Information System

  • Provide quantitative and qualitative data which is essential for identifying major health problems
  • Generate information which can be used to evaluate health policies for planning health programmes and the efficient management of health services.
  • Open up a continuous dialogue between those who collect and the users of information with the aim of improving health services.
  • Disseminate timely information and reports to users, including those who work in research and health administration.
  • Provide regular feedback to all personnel in the information system which helps to emphasize the important role each of them plays.
  • Create and maintain a health information data base.









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