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The Nazareth Outpatient Department is the entry point for patients coming to seek medical services and it runs 24hours throughout the year. The department in run by highly qualified Doctors, Clinical Officers, nurses and able supportive staff. It is a comprehensive department with different units which includes:

  • Casualty
  • Customer care desk
  • Triage room
  • Clinical rooms
  • Consultant clinics
  • Registration unit
  • Dental unit
  • OPD Pharmacy
  • OPD Cash Office

Outpatient Charges

Registration Fees                 Ksh 200              
Consultation fees                 Ksh 200
Service Fees                        Ksh 50
The above charges will only apply for the first visit to general outpatient. For the subsequent visit, the patient will pay Ksh 200 only for consultation. For special clinics, the consultation fee is Ksh 300. Antenatal clinic registration fees Ksh 1500, which include Laboratory tests(CBC,Blood group, VDRL and Urinalisis) and for any other visits after registration, Ksh 200 only will be charged.
Special Clinics Day

Monday             Gynaecology
Tuesday            Obstetric, Diabetes and Eye Clinic
Wednesday        Paediatric
Thursday           Obstetric and Medical
Friday               Surgical

The following clinics runs from Monday-Friday TB, MCH and Dental. The HIV/AIDS clinic runs from Monday to Friday (8am-5pm) and Saturdays (8am-1pm)

You are all welcome.





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