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Pastoral Counseling and Care is a program which was started in Nazareth Hospital early 2005 with the help of Norfolk First Presbyterian Church, the hospital and Servants of the Sick Training Centre which is affiliated to Barnes-Jewish Medical Centre of Washington University. Servants of the Sick Training Centre, trains certified chaplains (Pastoral Counselors) for 400 supervised hours and offer a certificate and a diploma certificate to those with 1600 supervised hours.


A pastoral counselor is one who gets into the world of a person in need using a holistic approach with an aspect of getting their needs and hopes helping them see and meet their resources. Whereas the medical team heals physically, a pastoral counselor heals spiritually giving Economical, Sociological, Psychological and Emotional support.

Our Mission,

To provide qualitative and quantitative psychological and spiritual care to patients.

Pastrolral team with administrator

The Administrator and Pastoral Team

The pastoral care and counselling unit is a team of four namely, George, Lillian, Sr. Reggie and Vinton.

We also work with care givers who are volunteers from ten different churches, who are trained in basics of pastoral care and counselling to provide ongoing awareness and support to patients in the community after discharge from hospital especially patients for palliative care.

Anxiety disorders is among the most prevalent of psychological disorders, that affected most of the patients.The key features were excessive or unrealistic fear and excessive attempts to reduce discomfort or on the other hand protecting oneself from threats, e.g of undergoing surgery, over disclosure especially terminal illness, anxiety over prognosis, and hospital bills just to mention few.

Depression, many patients experience a marked distress and a decrease in level of functioning as a result of the above mentioned anxiety disorders.


  • Attending wards rounds
  • Patients follow ups after rounds
  • Providing psychological and spiritual support to patients, relatives and staffs.                                   
  • Grief facilitation to relatives
  • Staff training on basic pastoral skills
  • Training of church leaders and members in basic pastoral care and counselling skills
  • Follow up of after discharge (for special cases and under request)





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