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 What is physiotherapy?

This is the assessment, treatment and prevention of illness, injury and disorders by use of physical means such as therapeutic exercises, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, heat modalities and manual therapy rather than use of drugs. The hospital physiotherapy unit is ultra-modern and fully equipped with the latest physiotherapy equipments. The physiotherapy team is made up of qualified professionals to ensure accurate diagnoses and treatment of patients and they are all registered under umbrella of Kenya Society of Registered Physiotherapists which is an affiliate body to the World Confederation physical Therapist.

The Physiotherapy department focuses on the physical health of the patients and clients. Our goal is to ensure patients and clients achieve functional ability to normal or near normal state. The department caters for both inpatient and outpatients. Most importantly the antenatal mothers are taught how to exercise during pregnancy which helps them to maintain their health and posture. 

This department is very useful especially in rehabilitation of patients post trauma and even post surgery.

Common  Conditions  Treated  In  Physiotherapy are:

  • Hydrotherapy
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Post surgery
  • Fractures
  • Burns
  • Para paresis
  • Hemiplegia
  • Bell’s and Erbs palsy
  • Amputations


It is a form of treatment to patients by use of water. It is used to revitalize and maintain body systems. Hydrotherapy is chiefly used to tone up the body, to stimulate digestion, the circulation, and to bring relief from pain. Descriptions of indications are given under individual assessment findings. It stimulates the nerve reflexes on the spinal cord thus relaxing the muscles and relieving pain


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