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The Nazareth Hospital ENT clinic is held on FRIDAYS by a consultant doctor.  Bookings can be done early. The following are some of the conditions that can be reviewed:

Nose Conditions often seen include:

  1. Sneezing
  2. Nose blockage
  3. Nose bleeding
  4. Running nose
  5. Growths in the nose
  6. Nasal allergies
  7. Upper airway/breathing problems
  8. Adenoid growth
  9. Sinusitis
  10. Disorders of smell

Throat and Oral Cavity Conditions Include:

  1. Frequent tonsillitis
  2. Throat irritation and dryness
  3. Cough
  4. lumpy feeling in the throat
  5. Chocking feeling
  6. Acid Reflux
  7. tongue lessions
  8. Allergy Testing and Treatment
  9. Snoring

Ear illness include

  1. Pain
  2. Blockage
  3. Reduced hearing
  4. Ringing sounds
  5. Dizziness & imbalance
  6. Ear discharge

    NB: ENT operations/ procedures are done at our Theatre. The charges for ENT operations are considerable.

On Various ocassions, we have held outreach programmes through collaboration with the Eardrop Foundation, where by a team of doctors from eardrop Foundation conduct ENT operations in our hospital at a very subsidised costs. Also our clinical officers have been trained by Eardrop foundation doctors on ENT examination.





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