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The Well Women Clinic

This clinic recognizes the unique being of a woman and offers a solution to the rich mixture of stresses that present a unique set of problems for the woman.

If diagnosed early, problems such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac conditions and fibroids can be treated with high degree of success.

we aslo advice our clients on suitable preventive measures cuch as stress management, weight control, exercise, self breast examiniation etc ensuring a healthy life style.

The test to be done:

Haemogram,Urinalysis, Pap Smear and Random Blood sugar test.

The Pap Smear Test

Cancer of the cervix is the most common gyaenocological cancer in women in kenya today and leads to death of many women. By the time a woman notices changes that alerts her to the problem, the cancer in most cases is already advanced. However, the onset can be detected by simple test- the Pap smear and can  be treated inexpensive before it becomes advanced.

The clinic will be held Monday to Friday Morning Hours. We encourage all all women atleast to visit this clinic onces a year for comprehensive examination.

Consultation Fee 1200/= only.

The Well Man Clinic.

This Clinic is opened to increase the quality and range of services in Nazareth Hospital. It's Main aim is to promote the well being of men by providing regular health screening and laboratory test for men.

the service aims to detect and treat common male health coonditions at early stage to ensure the best chance of successful treatment.

service content:

1. Consultation and assessment;

This includes talking of medical history and a comprehensive general physical examination. Taking of the vital observations including blood pressure, pulse rate, respiratory rate,Temperature, body weight and height.

2. Investigations and Laboratory tests

Includes a complete blood count, liver function test, renal function test, fastind and random blood sugar, fasting lipid profile, urine analysis, stool occult blood, prostatic surface antigen, VDRL, HIV antibodies.

where nessary clients will be reffered for further investigations.

the well men Clinic runs on Wednesday from 8:00 a.m  to 12:30pm on appointment basis and test results are available to the clients within 7 days.

Consultation fee: Ksh 1200/= only.





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