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Web Site Privacy Policy

While you may be asked to provide personal data in using this Web site, we can assure you this information will be treated with the same care we treat all patient information. Any data we collect about you will be used only to help us develop customized programs and services suited to your needs and interests. 
We will not share your personal data with any party outside Nazareth Hospital.

Personal Information Policy

Identity theft – Connecticut Public Act No. 08-167 
To protect the confidentiality of Social Security Numbers and safeguard other personal information 
At Nazareth Hospital, we are proud of the precautions we take to safeguard the personal and confidential information that comes into our possession against improper disclosure to or misuse by third parties. The Hospital will:

  • Comply with all applicable laws and rules regulating the disclosure of personal information.

  • Use personal information only within the scope of our business matters. 

  • Use and disclose Social Security numbers only after determining who has a “need to know” them, and limit access to those persons and as permitted by applicable law. 

  • Protect the confidentiality of Social Security numbers that we might need to know, and prohibit their unlawful disclosure. 

  • Maintain our computer systems, paper files, and office locations in secure environments and restrict access to them.

  • Destroy, shred, erase, or make unreadable personal data contained in documents and computer files before disposal.

We will NOT: 

  • Share or collect the personal data of our employees, except as warranted by our responsibilities as an employer and as permitted by applicable law. 

  • Share or collect personal data of other persons, except as appropriate to conduct our business in accordance with applicable law.

  • Sell or rent personal data to third parties.

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