High Dependency Unit (Hdu)

The Nazareth High Dependency Unit is started operating in 2008. This is a four bed unit to cater for very serious patients requiring specialized treatment and equipment as well as handling emergencies. Once fully equipped the unit is expected to operate as an Intensive care Unit.

During the year 2009, the unit admitted a total of 128 patients as compared to 84 patients admitted in 2008.

The unit achievements in the year include:

  • 24 sessions on HDU/ICU care held in the unit for HDU staffs and staffs from other departments, Doctors, Clinical Officers and Anesthetist.
  • 3 staffs trained on PMTCT, 3 on Basic skills in pastoral counseling, 3 on basic computer training and 1 Quality Management..
  • Acquired 1 new Cardiac monitor, 2 Ventilators, oxygen concentrator, paediatric and adult pulse oximeters.
  • A functional computer was fixed in the unit.
  • Ambulance now available; no more delays in referring pts.
  • Adequate staffing was done to cover all shifts and ensure quality care.


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