Maternal And Child Health Clinic (Mch)

The MCH Clinic which is part of the Maternity ward caters for the antenatal mothers and children below the age of five. The services offered here include:

  1. Antenatal care
  2. Child welfare and Immunization
  3. PMTCT services
  4. Mother to Mother services.
  5. Natural Family Planning

To prevent mother to child transmission, there is a PMCT Programme which has an uptake of over 90%. The program was started in 2004 has been very successful in saving newborns from the AIDs pandemic. More than 98% of mothers who go through our PMCT program get HIV negative babies; confirmed at 18th months.

The Mother to Mother program is a support program for the mothers who test HIV positive at the ANC clinic. They are encouraged and mentored by HIV positive mothers who have gone through the same fate and gotten HIV negative babies.

During Antenatal visits mothers are taught physical exercises by our Physiotherapist and also given health talks by the nurses.


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