Renal Unit

Best Dialysis Treatment

At Nazareth Hospital, our aim is to provide the best treatment to patients suffering from kidney disease and timely education to patients for better management of the disease. We Treat patients by utilizing the best treatment procedures.

We have a team of doctors to improve the health and well-being of kidney disease patients. We provide comprehensive treatment for hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetic and non-diabetic kidney disease. Our patients have access to both outpatient and inpatient dialysis services, and our physicians provide quality management service to ensure that dialysis treatments are highly effective and efficient.



Our team consists of board-certified physicians in internal medicine and nephrology. We also have skilled nurses on staff. Our Kidney specialists begin by assessing your condition and listening to your concerns. We use this information to design a treatment plan that will meet your individual needs and help you achieve your health goals.


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