Our Main Services

We are called and dedicated to offering a variety of health services to people of all walks of life.

Inpatient Services

The modern inpatient wing has a bed capacity of 150 and an ambient environment for both the staff and the patients.

Pastoral & Councelling

Pastoral Counseling and Care is a program that was started in Nazareth Hospital in early 2005 with the help of Norfolk First Presbyterian Church.

Out Patient Service

The Nazareth Outpatient Department is the entry point for patients coming to seek medical services and it runs 24hours throughout the year.

Physiotherapy Services

This is the assessment, treatment and prevention of illness, injury and disorders by use of physical means such as therapeutic exercises, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy.

Outreach Service

This includes and ranges from primary school visits in the surrounding tea and coffee farms to medical camps in the poor community around us.

Emergency Service

The Emergency Department is prepared and equipped to provide comprehensive and efficient emergency care to patients in need.

Over 10 Years of Experience in medical, Dental & Consulting Services

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